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Internal Electropolishing of Canisters

One of our most challenging projects was electropolishing the interior of ten 36-liter sampling canisters destined for Australia. These 12” diameter, 24” long canisters, pictured below with two other smaller sampling canisters, were electropolished on the inside through 1/4” (7/16” diameter hole) female pipe fittings on either end using Electromatic’s proprietary ID electropolishing process and solutions.

Other products that have been electropolished range from heart stents to 48” diameter municipal piping systems up to 30 feet long, and include EDM machined slots as narrow as .016”, the inside of .069” ID tubing, and sheet metal .005” thick.

Vacuum Test Chambers

Attention to detail and care of customer parts are paramount concerns at Electromatic. One of our many specialties is the critical processing of vacuum test chambers for customers such as the California Institute of Technology, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and many university physics laboratories. These vacuum test chambers are fitted with ConFlat flanges that require the utmost care in handling. Each face of the two mating CF flanges has a knife edge, which cuts into the softer metal gasket, providing an extremely leak-tight, metal-to-metal seal. We apply precision masking to these critical edges to prevent deformation that would render a chamber useless.

Electromatic electropolishes vacuum test chambers of all sizes, from small ones (as pictured here) to large complex assemblies. Our strict quality standards guarantee our customers a flawless electropolished chamber ready for testing and use.

Vacuum Test Chambers Project


Electromatic is proud and excited to have been chosen to electropolish MetalMatisse for the City of Norfolk, Virginia. This interactive stainless steel sculpture was fabricated by Electroland of Los Angeles. Electromatic’s Santa Fe Springs technicians and management collaborated with Electroland’s designers and engineers to produce this outstanding exhibit. Electromatic works closely with the stainless art community to realize the designers’ final concepts.

MetalMatisse Project

New York City Subway Entrance Canopy

Electromatic was selected to electropolish the massive canopy over the entrance to the 34th Street–Hudson Yards subway station in New York City.
New York City Subway Entrance Canopy

Our quality standards are fully compliant with AS9003. Additionally, our in-house electropolishing specification, Electromatic 7-2 Rev D, is preferred by many of our customers.








From simple oven/cooling racks to ultra-large and complex mixing vessels, Electromatic is fully capable of processing your food service equipment.


Vacuum chambers from small vessels to very large enclosures require expertise to achieve a high vacuum finish while protecting the extremely critical sealing surfaces known as “conflat edges.” Electromatic’s extensive experience in this area assures the job will be done right the first time.


Requiring much the same cleanliness standards as medical and clean rooms, the pharmaceutical industry requires the utmost care in electropolishing equipment such as vats, tanks and process piping as required by the FDA.


From simple valve assemblies to ultra-large piping systems and municipal reverse osmosis systems, Electromatic has the expertise and facilities to handle even the largest jobs.


The medical professions require precise polishing of items such as instruments, implants, bone plates and screws. Our customers are assured of the highest quality standards.


Forgings require intense electropolishing to remove scale. Such processing is essential for parts such as landing gear assemblies, hydraulic cylinders and heavy military equipment.


From simple latch assemblies to complex railing systems, municipal enclosures, artistic sculptures and architectural building façades, we have the capabilities to complete your job on time and on budget.


With a proven record of processing critical flight safety parts and general assemblies, Electromatic’s reputation for quality with all leading aerospace companies is unmatched.


We routinely process complex assemblies such as railings, architectural hardware and artistic fabrications.


The marine industry requires enhanced corrosion resistance for stainless steel that only electropolishing can provide.


From small shop jobs to large intricate parts, Electromatic is proud to support machine shops with their electropolishing and passivation needs.


Electromatic provides a wide variety of electropolishing services to many institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and Canada.